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Past Events


Heatley Backs Beef

Things are looking positive for the Australian beef industry if MLA Chairman Don Heatley’s own actions are anything to go by.  Having acquired another property in recent times, Heatley is confident in the strength of the Australian beef industry. 

Mr Heatley said the long-term future of the beef industry is secure and moving in a good direction.

“For our family it’s about expanding our own business to get economy of scale to take advantage of the fundamental strength of the recovering global red meat market and capture the benefits” Mr Heatley said.


Don Heatley, MLA Chairman and Rick Greenup, Greenup Eidsvold Station Santas are positive about the beef industry

Don Heatley is guest speaker at the Greenup Eidsvold Station Open Day and will be discussing the outlook for the beef industry and what beef producers can do to position themselves and their businesses to take advantage of emerging trends.

Mr Greenup said he  invited Don Heatley to speak at this event as he respects Mr Heatley’s down to earth and realistic approach to industry issues.   

Mr Greenup said he is encouraged by the confidence Don Heatley has in the industry. 

“If any beef producer knows what the outlook for the industry is - it’s him.  We know there are no guarantees in this game, but it is a good sign that our industry leaders are putting their money where their mouth is,” Mr Greenup said.

 “We are fortunate to have people representing us that still get out in the heat and dust and know the importance of the bottom line,” Mr Greenup said.  

Renowned bull fertility and beef industry expert, John Bertram , Senior DPI Beef Extension Officer will also discuss the importance of breeding objectives and how to work through the maze of information available on sale bulls and how to prioritize what is important to the business bottom line. 

Mr Greenup said the Open Day is about day to day decisions and how they position us for the future, to ensure we all have strong beef businesses and a robust industry that can deliver quality, cost effective beef to the world.  

“We suggest attendees are prepared for a relaxed and informal atmosphere. There will be plenty of time to talk and discuss the issues as well as reviewing the 140 sale bulls.”

The Open Day, hosted by Rick and Alice Greenup will be held at “Belvedere,” 267 Kerwee Road , Eidsvold on Thursday August 20, commencing at 9.30 am.

Morning tea and lunch are complementary.  Please RSVP by Monday August 17 to Rick and Alice on (07) 4164 4260.  For more information visit www.greenup.com.au.  





Greenup Eidsvold Station Santa Gertrudis hosted the


2008: Beef Business & Breeding Field Day: Revive Your Drive


This one of the most important days you will invest in your business in 2008.  The inspiring program will be delivered by an outstanding group of presenters.  Their insights will enable you to keep pace with strategic issues facing the beef industry and provide helpful advice on adapting your business and herd to the current environment. 


Beef: Top of Mind.  David Palmer, Managing Director, Meat & Livestock Australia will discuss the global and domestic outlook for the beef industry and the emerging issues that will affect the price and consumption of beef.

Beef: Centre of Plate.  Cameron Dart , Manager, Meat Standards Australia will outline the impact global grain prices will have on finishing systems and the meat produced, and what options beef producers need to consider to continue to produce quality meat as the healthy and first choice for consumers irrespective of the finishing system.

Genetics: Setting Direction in a Changing Physical Environment.  Greg Chappell, Co-Principal, Dulverton Angus will share their experience with embracing new industry direction and how to set breeding objectives and a genetic program to ensure your cattle are viable, versatile and suitable for a range of markets and finishing systems.

Back in the Saddle: Priorities, People & Property.  Terry McCosker , Director, RCS will share strategies for recovery and provide fundamental advice to revive your property, your business and your family.

Succession Planning: Just Do It. Grahame Greenup, Rosevale Santa Gertrudis will share his family’s story of persevering with their succession plan through drought and other pressures, and that waiting for the “right time” may never arise and to get on with the job because but the end result is worth it.

Looking After Your Cash Cow.  Sandi Jephcott, Veterinarian and Consulting Nutritionist for Nutrition Services Australia will share practical advice on nutrition and breeding strategies to maximize production and herd fertility.

Contact: Rick and Alice Greenup: Phone 07 4164 4260 or Email greenup@greenup.com.au


Field Day Sponsors


We gratefully acknowledge the support to given to us to organise this wonderful event.  Please support the companies that support our industry and education.


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