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Breeding Policies
Eidsvold Station Santas




How can you get Greenup - Eidsvold Station Santas?


Buying Greenup - Eidsvold Santa Gertrudis bulls is easier than ever - with 100 bulls to be sold by Unreserved Auction.  400 bulls are available for purchase out of the paddock. 

Early bird and bulk purchase discounts apply.


Rick & Alice Greenup & Greenup Santa Gertrudis thank you for your support.  We've had another fun & rewarding year - enjoying parenthood, life & work. 

We hope your family and business thrive in 2013

Greenup Quarter Horses


Rick & Alice have been breeding Quarter Horses since 1995.  They have selected only the best genetics from around Australia to form their stable, including:

Soda Justice

Docs Spinifex

Docs Boab, 

Marnies Ace,

One Moore Playboy

Tommy Tucker, 

Playboy Roy, 

QP Almora Double Doc, 

Hazlewood Conman, 

Lethal Lena, 

Roy N' Roanie, 

McNamara Acrobat, 

Cattle Baron, 

Rock N Return, 

Docs Jay Tivio, 

and our own bred stallions Greenup Double Trouble, 

Greenup Double Cross. 

Greenup Quarter Horses are available for purchase by private treaty. 

Click here for more information on Greenup Quarter Horses. 


Annual Sale Bulls

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Private Sale Bulls

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Classified Stud Cows for Sale

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Contact information

You are always welcome at Cardowan & Eidsvold Station to view the upcoming sale bulls and breeding cows.  
Contact Rick & Alice Greenup to discuss your herd's needs on;
617-4164 4260
617-4164 4419
Postal address
"Cardowan" MS 514 KUMBIA QLD 4610. Australia
Electronic mail