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2012 Eidsvold Santa & Santa Infused Special Store Sale

The TopX Eidsvold saleyards were filled to capacity on 24th February, with a last minute scrounge for portable panels to accommodate the 1500 head of Santa and Santa Infused cattle. The rain was not sufficient to turn away buyers, who competed enthusiastically for the high quality lines of cattle.

Cattle buyer & 2011 Judge Glen Franze, Brett Miller, TopX Eidsvold, Judge Loretta Smith, Augathella, Rick Greenup, Eidsvold Station.  A huge crowd turned out for the special Santa and Santa Infused store sale.
Volume buyers Murray & Loretta Smith, Cow Pat Pastoral, Augathella purchased six decks, including the winner of the under 300kg class, the top priced pen for $2.36 / kg, bred by Greenup Eidsvold Station. Caitlyn Gribbin from ABC radio, Bundaberg, interviews David White, Theodore - winner of the Grand Champion Pen



2011 Eidsvold Santa & Santa Infused Special Store Sale

Rick Greenup Eidsvold Station with David & Virginia McCord, Deepbank Station Santa Gertrudis, winner of the Champion Pen of Heifers The TopX team
Stuart Hamilton and Shane Hatton, Diamond H Santa Gertrudis (winner pen of light steers) The large crowd competed in good spirit for the quality lines of cattle


2010: Greenup Eidsvold Station Steers win Reserve Champion Pen of Six

Greenup Eidsvold Station steers win Reserve Champion Pen of Six at the 2010 Brisbane RNA.


Owned by Russell & Kym Stevens of Wallona, Millmerran


Heavyweight Export: 621kg - 745kg


Purebred Santa Gertrudis

Milk tooth

Average age 20 months

Average weight 688 kg

Milk tooth

Sold for $2.26 c/kg  

Returning $1554 per head


2010: Murray & Bronwyn Lord achieved a third at the Brisbane RNA in Domestic class with their Santa Gertrudis X Charolais, by Greenup Santa Bulls.


Class: Pen of 3 Steers or Heifers

360kg 435 kg

Milk tooth


Average weight 427 kg

Sold for $2.54


2010: Greenup Eidsvold Station win Champion Pen of Show at Eidsvold
2008: Greenup Eidsvold Station win Grand Champion Pen of Six


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