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Annual Sales
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Bull Background

Your bull was bred on forest country, where only the tough survive. He’ll cover bigger distances in harder country, and will breed cows that hold condition longer and get in calf despite tough seasons.

Your bull was weighed at 200, 400 & 600 days and we measured his testicles, eye muscle area and fat cover. He has been soundness evaluated by a certified vet and his semen has been tested for motility and morphology. We guarantee his fertility.

Your bull is rapt that he kept his stones and got through the tough Greenup culling process. Many of his mates were culled along the way for not meeting our standards for sheath, temperament, structure, muscle, growth and semen quality. Some studs might sell bulls with these faults, but we think you deserve our best.

Greenup Eidsvold Station bulls are sold in working order.  Their condition allows us to select and present bulls with better constitution and so you can see how good we are at breeding cattle, not how good we are at feeding them.  When you take your bull home he is ready  to do his job of passing his superior genetics on to your herd.  


Where can you get your Greenup-Eidsvold Station Bulls?

Our elite two-year old bulls are sold by unreserved auction at our annual bull sale held in September each year.  

Paddock bulls may be purchased as yearlings and two-year olds any time of year.  Bulls can be bought in single or multiple lots.

Annual Sales

Greenup Eidsvold Station Bull Sale will be held on Friday 19 September, 2014 – Eidsvold TopX Saleyards

We have selected the best bulls from both studs and will offer them at one venue.  Quite simply, this will be the strongest and largest single draft of bulls we’ve ever offered. 

Download the current bull sale catalogue by clicking on "Annual Sales" link. 

Join us for a great day out for the whole family. Enjoy the relaxed bush setting and catch-up with old and new friends.

If you require a hard copy of the catalogue, please contact us or one of our participating agents, GDL, Elders or your local preferred agent.

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Paddock Sales

Whether you want one or one hundred bulls, we can supply your bull requirements.  

Fertility, structural soundness and market versatility underpin Greenup's breeding objectives which can be seen in their paddock-reared commercial bulls. The bulls are bred and grown for practical cattle producers. 

For details of our Early Bird Rewards click here.


Contact information

You are always welcome at Cardowan to view the upcoming sale bulls and our breeding cows.  Contact Rick & Alice Greenup to discuss your herd's needs on;
617-4164 4260
617-4164 4419
Postal address
"Cardowan" MS 514 KUMBIA QLD 4610. Australia
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