Assuring your success:

Whether you are buying one bull or one hundred bulls, it’s all relative and it is a big investment that impacts your bottom line for years.


Our objective is to produce reliable seedstock that have predictable performance and proven fertility. 

We stand behind our bulls and all bulls are backed with the Greenup Guarantee for fertility and temperament.


Greenup Eidsvold Station bulls and their progeny are thriving across the arid rangelands of northern Australia, from the Pilbara, to the Kimberley, the Gulf, outback Northern Territory and the far western reaches of Queensland. 


The way the bulls handle the heat, the distances to water and the work, reaffirms that the tough environment in which the 1800 stud females are run - the native pasture, the steep hills and granite Ironbark country - enables selection for superior constitution.

Greenup Eidsvold Station Bulls are bred and prepared for a long & productive life.


Our business success hinges on our clients’ outcomes and their success,  measured by:

  • Calves  weaned and total kg produced per mated cow per year

  • Females re-breeding annually in arid, low-protein environments

  • Less costs by using fit, fertile bulls that walk far, work hard and last a long time.

  • Turning off cattle earlier with more weight

  • Premium prices.

  • High weight gains and feed conversions

  • Carcase and eating quality traits

  • Improving c/kg by expanding market options

The outcome is functional, fertile herds that perform well in tough country, and provide the supply chain with rapid growth & ability to finish export or domestic cattle between 12 and 24 months of age.


All bulls are backed with the Greenup Guarantee for fertility and temperament.


Industry relevance lies at the heart of our breeding values.  In 2017 Greenup Eidsvold Station won the RNA Paddock to Palate Trade Champion Carcase for pen of six steers.


Greenup Eidsvold Station placed third overall winner in the Paddock to Palate, with an aggregate score for the pen of 6 in:

  1. Average daily weight gain,

  2. Carcase and

  3. MSA Eating Quality

These results demonstrate our commitment to breeding cattle for the Australian Beef Industry and all aspects of the supply chain, from the paddock to the consumer.

Rick and Alice Greenup,

Overall Winner, Third, Paddock to Palate

Rick & Alice Greenup with Peter Daniel, GDL.

Paddock to Palate

Champion Carcase, Eidsvold Station

You are always welcome at Cardowan or Eidsvold Stations to view the upcoming sale bulls and breeding cows.

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